Would you switch to an electric vehicle?

With the growth of electric vehicles becoming more and more dominant in today’s society it opens the question as to just how many miles of range would be enough for you to switch from your petrol/diesel every-day vehicle to a fully electric vehicle?

Currently the most amount of range out of a Tesla is the Model S Long Range edition which can get around 305 miles from a full charge, pretty decent though right? However, for this model you are looking at spending around £78,850. When you compare that to the average price of an SUV being £23,000 – £28,000 or a medium sized car being £22,000 – £36,000 there is quite a big price difference. (Average Cost of Cars UK 2019 (2017).

So… back to the original question – how many miles of range is enough for you to make the switch to an electric car?

Firstly, range is not the largest problem, it’s the recharge time for many. Referencing back to Tesla’s the Model 3 can get around a 250 miles range, to get the Model S back to around 80% of it’s charge and get another 250 miles can take around an hour at a Tesla Supercharger station, which is fair enough. It’s when you get to a problem where there are no Tesla Supercharger stations.

From a standard at home wall plug to charge a Model 3 can take around 23h45m from empty to full, that’s quite a hefty wait if you don’t want to have to pay to get a Tesla Charger installed at home. Dependant on the power of the charger point this can decrease to around 5 hours at a universal destination charge, that’s still a long wait. (Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, 2019). When you take into consideration you can fill up your petrol or diesel car in just a couple of minutes is the potential 23-hour charge worth it? 

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