6 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Skip Hire Company

Skip hire companies offer their valuable services in most urban and residential areas. As the need for a safe, effective disposal method for rubbish in residential areas increases, skip hire companies provide an excellent way to dispose of unwanted items or waste products in an environmentally friendly manner, However, when choosing the best skip hire company for a community’s needs, which factors should you consider? Here are some ideas.

1. Waste Type

The first thing to consider is the type of waste that are you are looking to dispose of. Although most skip hire companies offer general waste services, some skip companies offer specialised waste services for the removal of construction waste, garden waste, hazardous waste and other specific items. Contacting your local skip company is always the best way to determine which service you require.

2. Skip Sizes

Another factor to consider is what size of skip you require. Although most skip hire companies offer a variety of skip sizes, the size of the skip that is best for your needs very much depends on how much waste will be generated over the course of the particular project that you are involved in. For example, a construction project that will generate a large amount of debris may require multiple skips, so that the job can continue uninterrupted.

3. Pricing

The amount of waste expected to be generated should also be considered in the decision to hire a skip. While hiring a skip may save time and effort in collecting, transporting and recycling waste, hiring a skip comes with a price tag attached.

The prices of skip hire can depend on many factors, such as skip size, location, and whether or not a permit will be required. These elements should be researched to determine the best price.

4. Delivery Options

Skip hire companies often have different delivery options based on the size of skip required. For the smaller sizes, some skip hire companies would be able to deliver multiple skips to the destination at the same time, however, the larger roll-on, roll-off types will normally come one at a time.

Some companies may have an online booking facility on their website, whereas others will be perfectly happy to discuss your requirements in person, and make a booking over the telephone.

5. Other Services

Some skip hire companies may also offer other services, such as grab hire, asbestos removal or hazardous waste collection. Some Skip hire companies also operate their own waste transfer stations, meaning that all rubbish is recycled on-site, with some achieving in excess of 95% recycling rates.

6. Company Reputation

The reputation of a skip hire company should be carefully researched. Although most skip hire companies offer excellent customer service, some companies may not be quite so good, so it’s always worth reading some reviews to get an idea about how each company operates. When hiring a skip, the skip hire companies should be chosen carefully. Skip hire companies differ greatly in their size, location and services. When choosing the best skip hire company, homeowners should conduct extensive research to find the best possible service for their requirements.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Skip Hire Company Based on Needs and Preferences

As mentioned earlier, there are many skip hire companies and choosing the best one is essential. In selecting the right skip hire company, homeowners and communities should consider more than just the skip size, price and availability.

1. Better Waste Management

When choosing a skip hire company, it is always worth choosing the one that provides the best record for recycling, and ideally, one that has its own waste transfer station with high percentage recycling rates.

2. Easier Rubbish Collection

If you are facing a problem with waste collection, there is no better option than to hire a skip. Rather than spend time going back and forward to your local recycling centre, a local Skip hire company can collect waste from your property or location and send the rubbish directly to a waste transfer station for recycling.

3. Improved Waste Disposal

If the skip hire company employs the latest recycling methods, then skip hire may well be the best method in disposing of waste. Skip hire companies will offer helpful information on the collection and recycling of waste.

Overall, skip hire is an excellent method of disposing of both residential and commercial waste. When choosing a skip hire company, you should consider all of the factors that would ensure the success of your project, such as the company’s reputation, waste type, and disposal methods. Choosing skip hire is always an excellent choice.

4. Environmental Benefits

When choosing a skip hire company, you should only consider those companies that 

provide the latest waste treatment options. These companies will ensure that as much of the waste that you are disposing of is recycled – sometimes over 95%.

5. Lower Costs

Skip hire is indeed more costly than transporting the rubbish to the recycling centre yourself, however, in the long term hiring a skip hire will most likely save you both time and money, and allow you to dispose of your waste both efficiently and effectively.

Why Should You Hire a Skip Today?

When it comes to moving waste, you need a good service. Skip hire is a great way of dealing with your waste and staying environmentally friendly, and best of all they also save your time and energy.

They are incredibly convenient, and they allow you to dispose of your rubbish quickly and simply, providing many benefits for people who need to get rid of construction waste, garden waste, and large amounts of rubbish.

If you have never gone thought of hiring a skip please call Enviro Skip Hire, and our friendly operators will guide you smoothly through the process.


Skip hire is an excellent solution if you want to dispose of your waste correctly. Skip hire companies provide a convenient and cost-effective method of collecting, transporting, and disposing of waste.

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