Dry Mixed Recycling

Why bother segregating paper, cardboard and plastic?

When you take a moment to consider the waste your business produces, there is a good chance that it includes paper, cardboard and soft plastic. In the past it would have been acceptable to simply pile everything into a skip and send the lot to landfill, but not anymore.

  • Coloured Plastic waste
  • Plastic waste collection
  • Plastic waste removal
  • Mixed plastics waste removal

We supply a range of balers capable of facilitating the production of a mill-sized bale.

With so many different types of plastic existing, plastic recycling disposal is one of the most confusing to domestic consumers and corporations. The policies for kerbside plastic recycling collections vary from place to place, with a focus largely on bottles.

Throwing money away
Do you produce a high level of paper, cardboard and soft plas-tic? Is packaging waste piling up around your site? Utilising our range of Recycling Equipment, the logistical and environmental impact of your business can be dramatically changed almost overnight for the better.
What’s more, baled material is potentially revenue for your business. If you bin paper, carboard, correx, shrinkwrap or soft plastics then you could be throwing money away. Speak to us about baling and compacting your waste, it’s free and we dont make a charge for advising you of the best option.