7 Life Events You Will Need to Hire a Skip For

There are many significant events that can happen in life that might cause you to require the services of a reputable skip hire company.It can be anything from home refurbishment to even roomclear-outs, but regardless, dealing with the resulting rubbish is a must to ensure everything is clean and tidy by the end of it.

That being said, a skip can be hired to help you get rid of the rubbish you need to throw away.

However, if you aren’t sure when to hire a skip, don’t fret. Here are some big life events that you may need to consider hiring a skip for:

1. Moving to a New Home

Whether you’re moving to a bigger home or moving to a new location altogether, moving is hard work, and you’ll want to get rid of anything that you don’t want or need anymore. A skip is perfect for this, as it will allow you to load all the rubbish to be thrown away easily.

If you decide to hire a skip, make sure you’ve got enough space for the skip to sit on your driveway or in your garden, depending on what area you’re going to use the service in. It’s best to get the skip collected within the week of having it to ensure it doesn’t become an eyesore, which can hamper the look of your new home.

2. Remodelling or Renovating Your Home

If you want to renovate or remodel your home, a skip is a great option for you to throw away all the waste that you’re unable to use for future projects. Whether you’re throwing away old wallpaper, broken floorboards, or just rubbish that’s accumulated over the years, a skip can help you dispose of it properly.

If you’re planning to re-use some of the waste for other projects in the future, make sure to keep any broken materials separate from the rest of the rubbish. If you don’t, this just adds more to the cost of hiring a skip, which can end up being quite more expensive than you may have bargained for.

3. House Demolition

If you’re demolishing an old house, whether you’re going to replace it with a new building or not, a skip is necessary for this type of waste disposal, as you’ll be able to throw away bricks, crushed concrete, and other waste materials.

You’ll find that hiring a skip for this is usually a very straightforward exercise, as the larger 8 yard builders skip is one of the most popular skip sizes out there. There will most likely be lots of local, reputable companies that can help you with this, but be sure to take your time to find the best provider.

4. Garden Clearance

If you’re planning to start a garden or have just finished one, you’ll have the usual rubbish to dispose of, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a massive hassle. Hiring a skip allows you to get rid of unwanted furniture, plant pots and other garden equipment, and you’re even able to dispose of bricks or other materials that you used to build your garden with.

Once again it will be quite easy to find multiple companies who will be able to assist you with hiring a skip for your garden project, so be sure to shop around for the best price that you can find!

5. Getting Married, or Moving In with Your Partner

If you or your partner are getting married, getting a new partner, or if you’re buying a new house or doing some renovations so you can both live together, a skip is a great way of making sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to how you want the house to look. Both of you can get rid of your unwanted belongings in the skip and then discuss what you’d like to do with the newly available space.

6. Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to start cleaning up your house and getting rid of any rubbish that you no longer need. Spring cleaning is a great time to make sure you’ve got the house looking how you want it, and hiring a skip is a great way of making sure you’re able to do that.

If you’re only doing a smaller spring clean for the inside of your home, you will only need a small skip, but if you’re planning to do a big spring clean of your garden, you’ll probably need a larger one to accommodate the amount of waste that you will generate. If you’re planning to do a big spring clean, you’ll need to decide how you want to divide up the inside and outside waste into skips.

7. Downsizing

If you’re planning on downsizing your house or moving to a slower-paced area, you don’t need as much space as you did in your old home. If you were thinking of selling your house and moving onto a smaller house, you’d find that hiring a skip is perfect for this, as you’ll be able to get rid of old furniture, broken items and anything else that you’re planning to throw away.

Skips are a great way to get rid of waste for many reasons, but the biggest one is that you don’t need to rely on your family or friends to help you with any of your projects.


If you’re planning a major project, like a garden clearance, or you’re doing a small project for the inside of your home, a skip is a perfect solution for you. It will allow you to throw away any rubbish you need to get rid of, and you’ll be able to make sure you have a clean and tidy home by the end of it.

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